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Our research is extensive

Hope Poppy Foundation presents

Vitamin D utilises 2900 genes however they don't teach us this at school.

We go through the research that a person who has a DNA Disease or Illness may need to know a little more about.

Within every disease or illness we have our minerals out of balance to each other.  This rebalancing of the minerals will help with reducing symptoms and pain.

Feeling like you have tried everything and nothing is working?  Poppy wanted me to tell the world the secrets to feeling well and living life to it's fullest.

Jennifer Stone is exposing the information that works with your food intake.

There is always hOpe....  hOpe Poppy Foundation.


The secret to wellness is the balance of the minerals within the body.  We


help you to achieve the best results for YOU!

Hope Poppy Foundation Series of books and more
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