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Two Series The Kings Cross Sting and TAKe CoNTRoL

People's first comment "Is it real"  "weren't you terrified"  The Kings Cross Sting came about through the joining of forces, a snitch and a Journalist Investigator researched and watched the system.  Identified the crimes, the systems and have seen the drug running first hand.  Thou in parts life was extremely dangerous.


Within both series one is the tools that Jennifer Stone brought to the table the ability to control from flying blind.  Seeing the hidden manipulations and exposing them to the police was so hard, to the level of what is happening to this society would cross not just the mind of Jennifer however it would cross Alex's mind too.


You be the Judge, read the evidence and the patterns than ask yourself is there still corruption?


Hot and Raunchy


Award winning Sex Newspaper The Kings Cross Sting Home of World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers where the Sex action was hiding the criminal activity.  This is a great book to read as it gives you a description of many of the Sex workers that came to the brothel to work in Kings Cross.  It's also the faces where we started not just exposing the Sex romps we were also undercover for the real Private Investigation of the hidden drug world today.

Sex, Truth or the Book of Lies

This is the lastest evidence of the Unsolved murder of Juanita Nielsen who disappeared in Kings Cross on the 4 July 1975 Jewish Independence Day.  


Whilst we have researched and exposed the systems throughout The Kings Cross Sting our understanding of the underworld has grown through the research and the many links are within the book for reference.


Alex asked that this book be completed to show to the world that the  system is real and so is the alleged corruption.....


You be the Judge?

Informer Madame X

Abe Saffron Legacy, in 1948 was the joining of three groups to form allegedly the biggest criminal organisation in the world.  Jews, Britain and America were the occult criminal gangs formed to further gain power and protection.


Opening up the many unsolved disappearances or murders saw the system.  The first link to the system came in 26 July 2011 with the magical glasses worn by Sex worker Michelle within the brothel.  The threats to murder Jennifer from then on kept coming, concrete boots, shot, the intimidation are fed throughout the series of The Kings Cross Sting these were real.  The Police couldn't catch the people?  Why?  They didn't ask the right question when the man behind it was standing beside YOU.

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