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One of our greatest gifts is setting a goal?  To pull apart the drug network two people had to be committed to survive together.  Living with the Demon.  The person behind the pulling of strings to expose the world's biggest criminal gang.


Act and Grow Rich by Jennifer Stone

Two people, amazing Awesome Entrepreneurs tackling what most people fear.

Was just a thought one day, what can we bring to the people of Sydney that would make a difference to expose our variations on talents and build a safer community.


Understanding the drug industry and the shootings around Sydney was an idea for a Sex Museum to come as a tourist attraction to Kings Cross.  Opening the doors after 2 years research we were shocked, the drugs, the system was right inside confronting both of us.


The draw card was just to open the doors then what had we found?


Act and Grow Rich pair Alex and Jennifer had both set goals and both going to push everything to expose.  How to set the goal and achieve it is within the books TAKe CoNTRoL this book has made a difference to so many lives.  Many are behind bars and others are very close.


The number 1 pair Jennifer Weatherstone and Alexander Petrovic the hidden Awesome Entrepreneurs that will be the ones that have risked life to expose the hidden criminal evidence that will make a difference for the world to see.



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