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The wall of silence has been created to hide the drug network, the murders and many of the unsolved murders that The Kings Cross Sting investigated.  The X is the intersection of where you leave your real life, wife and kids and head for the world where the real vanishes into the imaginery by the use of drugs.  Heroin, cocaine, ice however it's the stuff that breaks a person we expose through The Kings Cross Sting.


Motor bikes around Kings Cross is just a fairytale.  The real drug runners come and go by foot.  The evidence is only picked up with the drug searches.  The police don't or won't check the people that really are behind?

Wiithin The Kings Cross Sting we expose


Sex Queens on Darlinghurst Road, just one of the links to the underworld drug network.  How they think and work we talk and expose the system through Hushhh Models.  Just a story yet read and watch along Darlinghurst Road it is the evidence  that the Police don't or won't action upon.

Our stories are set in Kings Cross Sydney, thou for the drug network the research has been a intense study of Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisband and Sydney were as you get the hang of it you progress till we started to find the significant evidence

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